A Short Introduction

This entry brings no new developments except for the addition of a writer to The Butler Underground. Jon has asked me to introduce myself and explain why I am here.

My name is Lauren Thorne and I am in my third year at Butler University as a theatre major. I won't plague you with unnecessary personal tidbits here, as this isn't a social mixer. What matters here is not me; it's the information. I'm not here to preach my views or denounce the views of others. I'm here because I believe in a Butler where we work hand-in-hand with one another to foster an open environment that facilitates learning and growth.

Information is power. I'm not speaking of power over someone else. I'm speaking of the personal power that comes from being aware of what's going on in one's community. That awareness allows one to act in ways that promote peace, understanding, and progress.

Peace. Understanding. Progress.

That is what we, as a community, need to be striving for.

I thank you for your time and, along with Jon, strongly encourage you to attend the symposium tonight. Information regarding the time and place can be found in earlier posts.


Any questions, comments, or other feedback can be posted as comments on the blog, of course, or sent to Laurenet0112358@gmail.com.

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