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Last week I was contacted by Butler University Senior, Brock Benefiel, from Canine Account, and asked to be part of a panel discussion on student blogging. Canine Account is the university's new online news show, created in a production lab through the Media Arts Department. My fellow panelists, Christina Lear and Kristen Raves, and myself, joined Brock and his co-host Leslie Gardner on Friday afternoon to film our segment in Fairbanks.

Kristen works for Butler University in Admissions being in charge of the student bloggers and Christina is employed by Butler as one of the eight student bloggers this year. Christina's blog can be found by clicking here. (View all Butler Bloggers.)

Canine Account is an opportunity here at Butler for students to provide, receive, and discuss pertinent information. Unfortunately, since it is rather new (it began just this semester), it is not yet as well known as it could be. Please do your part to learn more about Canine Account and spread the word. This is a great outlet, with great resources, and has the potential to continue to grow, with the help of our community. Links for information about Canine Account can be found at the end of this post, below the video.

Canine Account Official Website
Canine Account on Facebook


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